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The Geelong Chamber of Commerce is widely known to run some of the most engaging networking events for businesses in regional Australia. The After 5 is the Chamber’s premiere business networking event for as long as most Geelong businesspeople can remember. We run these events monthly 10 months a year and consistently have an attendance of anywhere from 200-350 people. Getting professionals from all kinds of businesses and organizations together in a room, allowing them to forge new connections is one of the things the Chamber has always done well. Geelong is a small, big city and we pride ourselves on our close-knit relationships.

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After 5 networking event

The After 5 networking event is all about meeting other professionals and strengthening existing connections, learning from other business people and having real conversations with business owners. The event provides a run-on effect after the event has concluded. Our members connect with another after the event and many new business relations and collaborations have been formed. The sponsors of our After 5 networking events get the stage to tell their story, share company news and make a unique impact on our business community.

Event Sponsorship

Meeting other business people

Meet other business owners, managers, sales reps and marketing people. Get to know them, build relationships and share your experiences with others. Being a business owner can be quite solitary, so having numerous other business people to speak to and connect with is a remarkable experience.

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What to expect at an After 5 Networking event?

New members often ask us what to expect at our After 5 Networking event.

It can feel daunting going to a networking event without knowing anyone. Rest assured, that we will look after you and you will have a fun time and meet lots of interesting and welcoming business people!

  1. Registration: Please register yourself for our After 5 networking event through our website and pop a reminder in your calendar.
  2. Meet and Greet: We invite all new members to come 30 minutes early, at 5pm, to informally meet other new members, our team, CEO and the Board Directors.
  3. Arrival: 5.30pm is the official start of our After 5. When you arrive at the After 5 venue, you will be greeted by our friendly Chamber team and can pick up your name tag. Please let us know that you’re a new member.
  4. Introductions: The Chamber team will happily introduce you to one of our friendly members. You’d like to have a chat with an accountant or get to know a social media manager? We’ll happily connect you.
  5. Networking: Roam the room, network with other members and have fun getting to know other local business people.
  6. Hear from our sponsor: Every After 5 is sponsored by a generous local business, that will tell us about their organisation and updates in their field of expertise, for example genU might tell us about Corporate Volunteering opportunities, The Cats might get us excited about the upcoming footy season and the City of Greater Geelong might inform us on new infrastructure coming to Geelong.
  7. Chamber update: Our CEO or President will provide a short Chamber update including upcoming initiatives and events.
  8. Food, drinks, and more networking: After the speeches there’s still plenty of time to keep networking and to have a drink and finger food with thanks to our event sponsor.
  9. Event finishes: At 7.30pm the official part of the event is over.
  10. Connecting after the event: We highly encourage members to connect to others after the event to stay in touch.
  11. Coming back: Once you’ve been to an After 5 you will have met many people that you will see again at the next networking event and you won’t feel like coming into a room of strangers, but into a room of connections.

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