Friday 24, Nov 2023

Geelong and Victorian Chambers of Commerce launch new membership partnership

Geelong and Victorian Chambers of Commerce launch new membership partnership

The Geelong Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is thrilled to unveil ‘Employer Complete,’ a groundbreaking joint membership product. This initiative marks a significant collaboration, aiming to deliver extraordinary value and a multitude of benefits to members of both Chambers, thereby fostering business growth and development in the region.

Jeremy Crawford, CEO Geelong Chamber of Commerce says “This partnership between the Geelong Chamber of Commerce and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry epitomises our joint commitment to enhancing the Geelong and Victorian business landscape. Members are encouraged to leverage the diverse range of benefits specifically designed to support, educate, and advocate for businesses in the region and tap into the wealth of resources the Victorian Chamber can offer our members.”

The joint membership offers a suite of benefits for businesses. These include access to exclusive Geelong-based events and member-only gatherings, providing exceptional networking opportunities.

Members gain exclusive access to an array of masterclasses, training sessions, workshops, and programs, specifically tailored to empower businesses. A significant highlight is the access to GCC Leadership programs, complemented by an annual $500 credit towards Geelong Chamber Leadership Programs.

Additionally, members can actively participate in shaping policies through invitations to surveys and forums organized by the Geelong Chamber.

Paul Guerra, Chief Executive of VCCI commented “The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is pleased to offer its unique set of benefits to members. This includes unlimited access to the Workplace Relations Advice Line, a crucial resource for any business. Members can also access the Modern Award Directory and subscription service, alongside receiving the latest industry news and updates through exclusive Victorian Chamber content. VCCI’s advocacy efforts are further strengthened by member participation in surveys and taskforces.”

In addition to these, VCCI provides access to a range of online resources for HR, health, safety, and wellbeing, supporting businesses in maintaining a healthy work environment. A standout feature is the Grant Finder tool, which allows members to easily search for and set up alerts for government grants. Networking opportunities are abundant, with four tickets annually to Business After Dark or equivalent events and access to ten e-learning self-paced training courses per annum.

The joint membership also offers $700 towards VCCI delivered workplace support & training credits each year. Members benefit from exclusive pricing on training, events, workplace consulting, and export documentation. Lastly, members can avail themselves of special offers from the Victorian Chamber network.

For more information and to join this exciting new venture, interested parties are invited to contact