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The Wellbeing Program

For many business owners the last few years have been tough. Many, you included, may have felt overwhelmed by it all. Like everyone you were probably doing your best to keep up with and adapt to the ever changing lock down rules; get your head around the endless reems of paperwork required to apply for the grants and financial supports needed to keep your business going, navigate a sudden shift to remote and flexible working arrangements. Alternatively your business may have been one of those whose workload skyrocketed to eye wateringly excessive levels seemingly overnight.

The past year has been one of uncertainty, and many business owners have had to wrestle with competing worries around their own, and their loved one’s health along with protecting their livelihoods.

The Partners in Wellbeing Program is a new program being delivered in partnership with the State Government, and the community services organisation, EACH, to help address the wellbeing needs of business owners in the wake of the pandemic. The program has been developed to acknowledge the specific challenges that business owners have been faced with and the impact these may have had on your own wellbeing, that of your staff and/or your family. 

If you, your staff or your family members have been feeling stressed, run-down, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, been struggling with sleep, withdrawing from loved ones and friends or been more irritable or moody than usual, it is completely understandable. If you are finding that these feelings are lingering, seem especially strong or difficult to let go of, it may be an indication that some additional support is needed.

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Meet Angie

Angie Hilton is our dedicated wellbeing practitioner – here you see her at one of our Corporate Partner events.

Angie is thrilled to have joined the team at the chamber as a Mental Health Consultant for the Partners in Wellbeing Program. Angie’s background in this field has included creating and hosting three seasons of Destination Happiness mental health & wellbeing TV show for Channel 9 and Discovery, as well as being a qualified counsellor and meditation teacher. Her passion for supporting people in the mental health space was born out of her own battle with depression and anxiety in her 20’s. A passionate mental health advocate, Angie has worked as a spokesperson for Beyond Blue and RUOK. Aside from the mental health space you may have seen Angie singing around Geelong, or traveling the countryside with What’s Up Downunder caravan show on Channel 10.

To book in for a confidential wellbeing consultation you can email Angie at angie.hilton@geelongchamber.com.au, call or text her at 0487 359 370. She is available for one on one consultations on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm.

Unbreakable Entrepreneur Podcast

As business owners, major challenges are inevitable, so how do we steel ourselves to weather the storm? In the Unbreakable Entrepreneur Podcast you’ll find real-life stories of resilience, as well as tips from thought leaders and mental health experts on how to become Unbreakable Entrepreneurs.

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Business Brain Breaks

Give your business brain a break and head over to our meditation sessions. Angie will walk you through a few minutes of resting your mind, so you can be more productive after.

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